Smarter Credit for a Smarter Business

Introducing cash management with higher credit limits in a single account.

Spend more time growing your business, less on admin. 

No personal liability. Earn cashback on everything.
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Start Focusing on Growing Your Business

  • Our algorithm continuously assesses your performance using live data to unlock higher credit limits that grow with your business.

  • Competitive pricing and flexible credit available on demand for you to invest in growth.

  • Up to 56 days interest-free credit gives you peace of mind that your short term payables are covered.
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Stop Wasting Time on Paperwork

  • Bring together invoice payments, out-of-pocket expenses and card purchases in one solution instead of stressing over multiple reporting spreadsheets.

  • Upload expense receipts and let vimr match the transactions. No more late night manual inputting.

  • Vimr syncs live transaction data to your accounting software, saving you days on monthly reconciliation for on-time financial reporting that keeps your board happy.
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Stop Leaking Cash From Your Business

  • Automate your spend approval process and enforce financial controls consistently, creating an audit trail and accountability across your business.

  • Replace cash-draining prepaid cards with a real credit card that earns points on all purchases, putting cash back in your business.
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  • "I've been looking for a product like vimr. I haven't found another solution that meets my needs, and I'm frustrated by transactions being rejected on my regular bank card."

    Anil L, Financial Controller
  • "I really do get inundated with spend management SaaS tools...was really interested in seeing your proposition, I think you definitely have something that has a place in the market...the emphasis on the credit card lending side would really help you stand out."

    Craig H, Financial Controller @ Series A software
  • "I've been with my expense management prepaid card for five years, it's a pain managing account topups and it costs me customer orders. This is the solution I've been looking for."

    Stephen C, Founder & CEO @ Ecommerce

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No personal liability. Earn cashback on everything.